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Making the Most of Your Enriched Life (Module 8)


Now to put it all together! How do you make the most of each lesson learned throughout this course? How can you take these lessons into your long-term life enrichment plan? This module answers many of these questions. After completing this course: 1. You will understand what it is to live a life by design rather than simply circumstance. 2. You will be able to live out your days proactively instead of reactively thus gaining more control over you daily living. 3. You will be able to find you pace in order to find you peace. (this helps you become more effective and productive) 4.You will be able to establish legacy goals that increase motivation and help you live you life with the least amount of regret. How It Works: This is an online course; all you need is a laptop, tablet, or phone with internet access to be able to complete the course. You can access the course as soon as you purchase it. You can access the lessons anytime, anywhere. Course Features: Engaging video-based lessons by Jose Caraballo, LCSW Quizzes, questions, and activities to reinforce the learnings Guided personal exploration Links to additional resources for further learning Community: You don’t have to do it alone. All of our courses come with FREE membership to our community of like-minded individuals looking for transformation and a better quality of life. Post your questions on our forum. Your community will encourage you, hold you accountable, and guide you through your journey.


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