Enriched Life Discussion Group
Support Groups

Get your dose of ideas, conversations and lessons for living a more fulfilled and enriched life. Find joy, improve relationships and tap into your passions by connecting with others sharing their stories and ideas about living with passion and purpose. 


This is not a therapy group but a support/discussion group. You will be able to connect with others like you, who want to live happier lives.  

Jose leads the group posing challenging questions and encouraging conversation so that everyone has an opportunity to share and learn from each other. He also joins the discussion not only sharing his strategies and professional knowledge but sharing from his own experiences and life enrichment journey.

Join us for our free weekly Zoom meeting.

Schedule subject to change. Please arrive on time, group is locked 15 minutes after start time.

What People Are Saying

Andria S.

It’s an awesome thing to see the growth and progress made by members, most of whom never participated in a group setting, even after a few short weeks


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