Learn more what's like to work with Jose and what to expect from joining our membership program.

FAQ on My Enriched Life

I am in need of positive change in my life. Can you help me?

If you are serious about making positive change, are accepting of the coaching process, and are willing to put in the time and effort, I believe that I can be a very effective force in your journey to improving your life. 


I not only share my knowledge and experience with you but also the stories, thoughts, and activities that helped me personally transform my life into something I never really thought possible. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others improve theirs and the passion that I have for what I do comes through in each coaching session.

What is your specialty?

Since having my "shift" experience in 2013 and becoming a therapist, I have dedicated myself to helping others tap into their strengths and passions in order to live their lives the way they have always thought possible but had never achieved for one reason or another. 


I work from a strength perspective to help you clearly identify who you are and make change easier. I emphasize the need of choosing a value system and creating alignment between behaviors and your value system to build stronger relationships with yourself and others. I make gratitude a central message to my work to help my clients live more fully. I support my clients to achieve increased clarity, improved relationships, and communication, better work-life balance, and create a level of success and well-being as defined by you. 


I love working & collaborating with clients who are serious and committed to making major life changes and are ready to upgrade areas of their life that are no longer serving them. My ideal clients are invested, coachable, are prepared to take consistent action towards their goals, those who show up ready to do the work so that they can get the results they so desire.

What are some areas of your expertise?

Below are some of my areas of expertise.

  • Listening closely to figure out what is actually being said. Breaking it down and asking powerful and engaging questions that make you think and see things from a different perspective. Discuss small actionable steps to achieve the desired goal. This keeps you from becoming overwhelmed, which means more action and more results.

  • Identifying repetitive patterns of thought that may be holding you back from living your enriched life. This helps you promote change so you don't stay in the same endless patterns forever!

  • Knowing with accuracy what you need to prioritize and focus on next and in what order. This helps you stay laser-focused & take consistent action on the most important things that will lead to results.

  • Establishing the feelings that you are not alone on this journey. This helps to remove the fear from your desire to take action.

  • Caring about my clients’ successes. My clients feel I’m truly invested in their success and achievement.

  • Serving as a positive, authentic role model so that you can feel confident that you are working with a professional who has been in the trenches and lives what he teaches.

  • Effectively and safely challenging and pushing you beyond your comfort zone so that you can continue to take consistent action and grow into the person you desire.

  • I nonjudgmentally guide you in the best direction to anticipate any potential roadblocks that might get in your way. I proactively plan for your success, always taking into account your particular vision and best interests. I have a high level of integrity and will respectfully & authentically say what needs to be said, even if it may not always be easy to hear but always with your best interest at heart.


What makes you so different from so many other coaches out there?

I have been in the trenches. I have been there, made the mistakes and I have come out the other side victorious in living a life I always searched for and desired. 


I also stand out because of my clinical experience as a full-time therapist having worked successfully with some of the most resistant, challenging cases from major behavioral problems to severe psychiatric disorders, to families in conflict, traumatic experiences, to adults with anger management issues, and so on… This important clinical background coupled with my passion for seeing my clients reach their goals and my experience from having done it myself makes for a great combination and means that my clients get so much more value from working with me.


In addition to my clinical background, I am also able to communicate a universal message that is beneficial to people from many different cultures. I am an expert in human connection and this feeling is felt deeply by those I work with. I have a no-nonsense approach to my coaching and teaching that cuts through any obstacles and is felt deeply by my clients. The lessons learned stick with my clients in order to form a better life and future. 


My ability to see things from a different angle coupled with my reality-based coaching provides solutions that are easy to implement into your daily life. It helps people not only live better lives but sustain these changes over time. 


I inject hope into my clients and the reality that living your best life may not be as hard as you once thought. Finding your passion, honing in on your strengths, and building your skills to maximize your quality of life are just some of the benefits my clients enjoy.


How can I benefit from becoming a member?

You will be provided with guidance, skills, strategies that are tailored specifically to your unique challenges and motivation to reach your goals. Transformation does not happen overnight. It takes work. The membership provides a platform for regular self-exploration and behavior change. 


The sense of community provides you with the feeling that you are not alone, provides a supportive environment and a place to easily find others to hold you accountable for reaching your stated goals. You not only have a coach who is by your side every step of the way but also a community of like-minded respectful people that you can tap into at any time to discuss topics on a deep level, to support you, listen to you, challenge you & hold you accountable in order to make your goals a reality.


How do I know when I'm ready to join the community/coaching?

Coaching is most beneficial when you are feeling motivated, committed, and seriously ready to make a change with the benefit and guidance of a professional. Being uncomfortable and scared is okay so long as you are willing to accept coaching and take action despite the fear. When your “gut” says you are ready for change!


When your desire to work for a better life surpasses your desire to simply wish your life was better. This is an excellent sign!


No matter what area of your life you want to change or improve, hiring the right coach or tapping into the right community is one of the best ways to accelerate your results, period! You will have more powerful results when you enter the community with an open mind, ready to dig in and be open to receiving feedback. You will also get better results when you take 100% responsibility and feel empowered that you have the choice, the ability, and the possibility to change what you no longer desire and find what it is that you do want.


I truly believe that magic can be made every day in people's lives and I love to be part of that magic.


I have dedicated myself to this endeavor and invite you to take the courageous step to vastly improve your life.