Additional Community Resources

This page is dedicated to our friends and family members (in the U.S.) that may be in need of extra or specific supports. The list of support organizations can be quite long, we have tried to include some of the major ones on this page and each of these pages can probably direct you to further resources. DON'T BE AFRAID TO REACH OUT!

CALL 911 if you or someone you know may be in immediate danger or please visit the nearest emergency room.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is not a mental illness support page. Resources on this page are provided for informational purposes only and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by nor do we receive compensation from any of these organizations.

We make every attempt to make sure the websites and links are up to date; please alert us if you find there is inaccurate information on this page.

Childrens Bereavement Center2.png

Children’s Bereavement Center

Children’s Bereavement Center's mission is to empower children, young adults and their families to adjust to life after the loss of a loved one within a supportive community of their peers and to promote healthful grief, healing and growth.


The Mesothelioma Center

The Mesothelioma Center offers a great guide for individuals with mesothelioma to help them navigate the world of mental health. Many patients in cancer treatment struggle with depressed mood and anxiety. Mental health issues do not cause cancer, but help is available if cancer is making life harder and more stressful.