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Jose Caraballo, LCSW

My Story

In the summer of 2013, I had an experience that would forever change my perspective on life. On that day, out of nowhere, I was hit the most intense and overwhelming feeling I had ever felt. A paralyzing feeling that shook me to my core.


I can remember feeling an undeniable feeling that things were very very wrong in my life. That I was not living my life the way it was intended. This feeling was soon accompanied by the thought that things had to change dramatically.

What made this experience so surprising is that I didn't think at the time there was anything particularly wrong with my life. I had health, family, friends. I had love in my life, an active social life, I was excited to be on track to begin a new career. My life was not perfect but I did not believe it warranted such an intense experience calling for change.


It took me a few days to recover from this experience but once I did, I noticed that I felt a powerful feeling of calm and clarity. I understood at a very deep level many of my life's experiences, choices, relationships, and mistakes that were keeping me from the life that I was meant to live.


I had an unyielding and visceral feeling that there was something more out there for me. Something much more than I had allowed myself to accept in my life up to that point.


I spent the next few years of my life in deep introspection, re-learning and reviewing many of my life lessons and experiences. I began to see my life from a whole new perspective which provided me with possibilities and direction to live a more fulfilled, enriched life.


Throughout this process, I ended up with hundreds of journal entries about themes such as relationships, communication, career, values, life purpose, love, and more.


This website is one of many steps taken following my life's mission;  to share with you what I learned on this life-enhancing journey with the hope that you too will find a way to live Your Enriched Life.

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