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7 Warning Signs Your Romantic Partner Could Be a Narcissist - Trusting Your Intuition

Identifying a narcissistic partner can be difficult as there is no single sign that points to it. Personality disorders are usually a combination of things that reveal themselves over time. However, there are several things that could indicate your partner is on the more narcissistic side. Using your intuition as a tool, here are some red flags to be aware of:

  • Your partner talks at you instead of to you. If you feel like you are constantly being ignored or that anything you say is not acknowledged, this could be a sign that you are dating a narcissist.

  • Your partner often talks about how special they are and seeks admiration from others. They believe that they are unique and set apart from regular people.

  • Your partner expects special treatment, even in situations where it's not warranted. They may use phrases such as "Do you know who I am?" to demand attention or resources.

  • Your partner overblows the impact of their efforts or achievements, even when it's mundane. They may seek praise and recognition for simple tasks or accomplishments.

  • Your partner uses you for a certain part of you, such as your kindness or beauty. They may take advantage of your resources and discard you when they're depleted.

  • Your partner dismisses your emotions and suggests that you handle them elsewhere. They may not see the value in your feelings or feel that they're not worth their time.

  • Your partner is unforgiving and makes you feel like the relationship will end if you make even the slightest mistake.

These are not the only signs of a narcissistic partner, but they are useful to identify red flags. It's important to remember that being with a narcissist does not necessarily mean you should end the relationship. However, it's essential to figure out what you want from your life and relationships and determine if your partner fits that vision.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be a challenging experience. However, by paying attention to the signs and being aware of the red flags, you can protect yourself and make informed decisions about your relationships. Remember that your intuition is a powerful tool, and if you feel like something is off, it probably is. Don't hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or a professional therapist if you need it. Ultimately, the most important thing is to prioritize your own well-being and happiness in all of your relationships.


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