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8 Benefits of Living An Enriched Life

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

If you follow this blog, you probably already know all about my experience in 2013 which allowed me to improve my life dramatically. It allowed me to live my life in the way I always talked about but had never really tapped into.

The following is a list of 8 benefits I received from having decided to live an enriched life. I wrote this about 5 years into my experience which you can read about in detail HERE.

1. I am in constant awe with the beauty that is life

There is beauty in every corner of your world! I found out that the beauty had been there all along and what was missing was my ability to appreciate that beauty not the beauty itself. Being stuck thinking about a painful and negative life narrative was holding me back from truly appreciating what was already there. When I found this out, I made it a point to focus on the constant beauty that life, the world, and the universe has to offer.

2. I have cleansed my life of unhealthy, toxic relationships

Upon having this experience I acquired a level of clarity about every area of my life. One of the most important areas was that of my relationships. I was no longer blinded by emotion. I was able to see which relationships were healthy and good for my mental and emotional health. More importantly, I was able to weed out all of the toxic, unhealthy, overleveraged and sabotaging relationships I had allowed to stick around in my life over many years. Relationships tend to ebb and flow over time and it may benefit us to take stock every once in a while to see if these relationships have become sour without us taking notice.

3. I am excited and fulfilled with my chosen line of work

Right around that time, I had chosen to change careers after having burnt out trying to make a career in a field when all the signs were blazing and warning that I should be doing something else. Hard-headed? Possibly! Thankfully, that career change proved fruitful, fulfilling and fitting. I can now say that my career plays to my strengths, fits my personality and best of all fits right in with my deepest passions in life. This career change has allowed me to consistently learn, improve and is something I feel I can continue doing for a very very long time. No more working against the grain for me.

4. I am inspired and appreciative daily

Gratitude and appreciation have become a daily activity for me. I find appreciation and gratitude in the smallest things and when I feel like I am losing my focus, I look for things to appreciate, which are usually right in front of me. It's a perspective that I work on daily in order to keep this muscle active and healthy. This keeps me in a state of happiness and remembering what a gift it is to be alive and still have the ability to stop and smell the roses. Through this appreciation I am better able to work and tap into my creative endeavors. It keeps me interested and engaged.

5. I feel love and a deep connection with the universe

Being alive is simply having a relationship with the universe. Just like we inherently have a deep love for our parents and/or family members. We also have a relationship with the universe and what it has to offer. Sometimes it's beautiful and amazing, other times it's more painful that you can bare. All of it is part of being alive; the pleasure, the pain, all of it. I now listen to the signs, pay attention to my intuition and try to make the most of all of the gifts with which I have been endowed. This connection reminds me that whatever is happening in life that I am not alone and am part of a larger, greater plan than I can even fathom.

6. I have a deep feeling of respect for people I come in contact with

When it comes down to it, we are all in this together. We all take different approaches to the way we live our lives. We all react differently to our specific set of circumstances and we all learn different ways to survive and make sense of our lives. We deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else, we are alive and trying to make the best of this fascinating ride. After my shift towards life enrichment I learned how to see other people's perspectives, respect their approach to life and feel a deep connection. The common ground we all share; we are all people trying to make sense of this experience.

7. I am at peace and in love with what life has to offer

Most of the things I have taken issue with in my life were not things that I could have done anything about. Instead of going against the grain of life, I strive daily to find a way to be at peace and in love with EVERYTHING that life has to offer. Admittedly, this is one of the more difficult endeavors I have embarked on. This is also a worthwhile journey to find what it is that I've been looking for all of my life. As I like to say "I have every reason to hate but I CHOOSE to love". There is power in this. What will you choose today?

8. I am living based on my most important values

I created a blueprint for what I see as the ultimate successful life. Not the perfect life but the best life possible for me. My chosen values have helped me live a life that many people speak about but too few actually actively strive for. Why? because it's not easy. You need to have discipline, dedication, and conviction to live the way you think is best. Not an easy thing to do but a most worthwhile thing to do.

I hope these eight benefits of living an enriched life have piqued your interest for living a life well lived. Stay tuned for more insight and ideas about enriching your own life.


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