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An Interview With a Trigger

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We are excited and proud that we were able to get a trigger to agree to this exclusive interview. Our interview takes us into the mind and daily life of a trigger. I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it. Keep in mind that triggers are not fond of giving interviews and will quickly leave if they feel they are being attacked. I say this to let you know that my questions may have been softened up a little due to the volatile nature of a triggers' response.

NOTE: (In an attempt for full transparency, I have to announce that the interviewer and interviewee had a previous relationship that lasted many years. There is some history there but I will try my hardest to not bring that history to the interview)

Interviewer: Hi, welcome and thank you for taking this interview. I know we were in talks for months trying to get our schedules to sync-up. So let me start by stating my deep appreciation for choosing us to do the interview with and I promise to handle it with sensitivity and care. Does that sound fair? Err. Sorry, for already being long-winded but I'm a bit excited.

Trigger: No worries, just relax and we can have a regular conversation. I agreed to this so I am committed to seeing it through. You can relax.

Interviewer: So, how are you handling your recent popularity?

Trigger: To be honest I'm not quite sure how I feel about all the press. I've always been around and only now am I becoming popular? Seems overdue.

Interviewer: What do you think took so long for you to be in the mainstream?

Trigger: I blame it all on my old friend Denial! Straight denial. Usually getting in the way of things, it's happened my whole life.

Interviewer: Oh, Sorry to hear that. You must be excited to be the talk of the town these days?

Trigger: You would expect that to be the case. The truth is that it's a mixed bag. With the increased popularity has come WAY too much misunderstanding of who I am and what I do. So even though I like to be known, I don't like that I am being mislabeled so much of the time.

Interviewer: What do you mean mislabeled?

Trigger: I used to be very powerful, important and with a distinct identity, now it seems as if I have been bundled up with all of my family members which I have tried to separate myself from for so many years.

Interviewer: Like whom?

Trigger: You know... bothered, annoyed, offended and all the rest of them. I'm much more powerful, more impactful. Quite frankly, it's annoying.

Interviewer: Would you like to clarify for us what is it that makes you stand out? I don't mean that to be offensive...

Trigger: I already told you not to worry about the interview. There's no need to walk on eggshells... Anyway, yes I would like to clarify a few things.

What I am is a psychological trigger, I was (and should) be reserved for more serious and severe situations.

A "regular" trigger could be anything to anyone. Someone or something triggered you to anger, even something that triggered you to laughter. A trigger is something that initiated a response. That's not what I am, that's not what I do. That's a watered down definition. I could be both things but if you are going to speak about the bad things I can do, then please also speak about the good things.

Interviewer: Ok, I'm beginning to see some differences here. So what is something you would like people to know about you.

Trigger: There are a few things that I would like to have people understand. By the way, does anyone actually read your blog? I don't want to waste my time explaining all of these things and then nobody ever actually reads it.

Interviewer: Umm, err, a few people read it and I send it out to my social media sites... Honestly, I cannot not promise nor predict how many people will actually see or read this in its entirety.

Trigger: That's the you I remember, honest, upfront and ready to face the consequences of your choices whether good or bad. I always liked that about you!

Interviewer: ...

Trigger: ...

Interviewer: I was trying to leave that part out of this interview.

Trigger: I think it is a very important part for the interview, who can know better than someone who spent so much time with me?

Interviewer: OK OK, we can also talk about that but for now can you just answer the question?

Trigger: Sure thing. (smiles). I would like people to know that I am not just bad, I can also be used for good. People always associate me with negative experiences but that's not always the case...YOU KNOW!

Interviewer: Yeah, you're right. We've talked about this before and even taken trips to beautiful places based on some emotional triggers like music, movies and even just memories of small idiosyncratic moments.

Trigger: Exactly, so when I see the phrase "trigger warning" it makes my skin crawl. Trigger to what? How severe? Does this mean you'll be simply bothered during the movie or that you may have a breakdown. I think these are serious distinctions to address.

Interviewer: (getting comfortable in his chair) So what else would you say sets you apart?

Trigger: Well, when I am at my most powerful I have the ability to be separated from the concept of time. This is when I am at my most "triggerly".

Interviewer: What do you mean by "separated from the concept of time"?

Trigger: When someone is deeply triggered, there is a response that makes the person's body and mind react as if the impactful event or situation is happening at the current moment, as if no time has elapsed since the event and the response to the event. I find this fascinating, It's like my superpower.

Interviewer: You sound very proud of yourself but to be honest, it doesn't sound like a pleasant experience. What's there to be so proud of?

Trigger: Like I mentioned earlier, I have been pigeon-holed into this negative thing due to how your human brains and nervous systems work things out but I can be just as impactful with a deeply moving "great" experience in your life. It's not my fault your brains tend to stick with and over-focus on the negative, that's not my doing!!

Interviewer: Now you sound a little upset.

Trigger: I am! Do you know what it is to always be associated with the " T " word [trauma]? I could have just as easily could have been associated with beautiful moments in life being triggered to remember times when you felt safe, secure, and loved. But NOOOOO!!! The way you all were built makes me out to be the bad one...Blame your BRAIN or your circuitry or whatever, NOT ME. Why can't people simply stick with deeply appreciating the good moments in life, the beauty, the blessings, the love?

Interviewer: (in a low voice) you must have heard of

Trigger: what?

Interviewer: Nothing...

Trigger: Give me a second to gather myself, it's been a long road and I haven't discussed this with anyone. Nobody has taken a moment to ask me about my perspective or even my feelings about this... That's why I appreciate you reaching out to me and asking to conduct this interview. Thank you! I've always appreciated you.

Interviewer: Awwww, no problem at all. We do go way back after all. I still have some respect for you and the lessons I learned while we spent time together. So I would have to say that I appreciate you and our time together as well. I learned a lot about myself. I was "triggered" to proactively look for ways to improve my life and I did.

Trigger: Cute pun. But that's my point, there are a lot of lessons that I can teach but it feels like no one wants to listen...or learn.

Interviewer: That can't be true, and who knows, with all this talk about you these days, there's probably research being done out there to get to the bottom of this whole thing and maybe people can begin to see the other side of you. It looks like we are running out of time, is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Trigger: That I really feel bad for those people who experience me in such a powerful way that they cannot complete their daily responsibilities. These people are suffering deeply and I am sorry for things getting so out of hand. There are atrocities that happen out there, I am just something that comes in afterwards, I am usually not the cause of anything. But I still feel bad for all of the excessive suffering. Quite frankly, it sucks!

Interviewer: Well it seems like... (interrupted)

Trigger: I also want to tell people that there is help out there, don't be afraid to reach out and talk to someone, get quality professional help, and that they are not alone. I know plenty of people that have good hearts and are willing to help.

Interviewer: I am sure there is someone out there who will read this and gain some hope from your message. Maybe they can end up with a healthier and more respectable relationship with you, like we do. (smiles)

Trigger: I really hope so, as much as I have been associated with the problem, I would really love for people to begin associating me with solutions as well. That's my dream. I know you didn't ask but whatever.

Interviewer: Well this became unexpectedly intense but I appreciate you being candid with us and telling us how you really feel, Hopefully this could be the start of a positive movement for you, trigger.

Trigger: I hope so, I really do.

Interviewer: I guess that's it for now. Would you come back some time and speak to us again?

Trigger: Most definitely, we'll keep in touch.

Interviewer: Not too in touch I hope (big grin)

Trigger: Ha Ha, very funny. I'll see you soon

Interviewer: (fearful) Ok, thanks for joining us, goodbye! Don't forget to...


Trigger: I LOVE THAT, you have come such a long way, I'm proud of you.

Interview: Thanks for noticing, Take Care.

If you should have any questions, feel free to let us know as we may be conducting a follow-up interview sometime soon.

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