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Life Enrichment Masterclass

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Deepening Connection Through Proper Communication

This is an introduction to Module 6 of The Life Enrichment Learning Series an 8-module transformational learning series about creating and living out a more fulfilled and enriched life.

I know this title sounds a bit like a textbook chapter but I assure you it is one of the most impactful lessons I have learned and practiced in my own life.

I have to say that Tony Robbins was spot on when I heard him say, "the quality of your life is the quality of your communication".

I could not agree with this more.

connection and communication

All of my relationships changed when I made the decision to change my communication style. The quality ones deepened and provided me with a deeper sense of connection. The less quality ones began to somehow magically fall by the wayside.

It was as if life opened up the road to happiness for me. All of this simply by making the seemingly small decision to change my style of communication.

Here are a few things that we cover in this module:

  • How to properly use affirmations/afformations

  • How to handle your inner critic

  • The importance of self-compassion in communication

  • A new way to look at boundaries

  • The most important person to improve your communication with

  • How to clean the pipes of communication

I reached new levels of connection with myself and others by using the strategies I teach in this module. What is most surprising to me about these techniques is how simple they actually are to put into practice.

Practice your communication

The sense of connection I felt was tangible and immediate both to myself and those around me.

Do you feel like communicating with others is usually a strain? Like you are in a competitive wrestling match?

Clear and effective communication has a way of making these moments easier and less effortful. The result being that everyone was heard, understood and come away from the exchange with a feelings of deeper in the relationship.

Don't believe me? I wouldn't believe me either if I hadn't live it myself. Keep in mind that what I teach in these modules are methods that I have lived through and proven effective in my own life. I also back the information up with years of practice as a psychotherapist and life enrichment coach.

If you feel like you may benefit from deepening your connection with loved ones and improving your communication overall, you may want to give it a try.

Here are a few more tidbits I share in this module:

  • Learn the C.A.K.E. method for improving you day to day relationships

  • The trouble with always being right

  • How to improve you appreciation and gratitude

  • The power of vulnerability

These are just a few of the techniques and idea I share in this module.

What are your favorite communication techniques? Let us know, our community is always open to hearing different ideas and strategies.

Let us know about your successes (or challenges).


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