Enriched Life Post of the Day 05/04/2021

This post is simple enough to talk about but not as easy to implement.

How much love can you actually fit into one day? What would that even look like? Living an Enriched Life means placing more energy and focus on creating the best out of each day regardless of what the day bring to you.

For those of you that have read about the Five Love Languages, how many of them have you spoken today.

Please don't confuse fitting all the love that you can into each and every day with doing things for people all day long and losing all of your productivity in the meantime.

That is not what this is about.

Have you taken that 2 extra seconds to tell someone that you appreciate them?

Have you sent out that text with hugs and kisses?

Have you made that call telling someone you were thinking about them just because.

There are so many ways to fit love into your days that the options are endless.

Let's go another way with this idea. Have you given yourself the love you need and deserve today?

Have you taken that moment to appreciate how far you've come?

Have you complimented yourself on a job well done or even a full effort that was made.

Fitting all the love that you can does not have to be time-consuming or tiring. Taking a moment to be thankful for being able to be at that job that provides you the opportunity to bring food home to your family and pay the bills.

Appreciation and gratitude are in themselves acts of love.

Thoughts, actions, words, and feelings can all be items of love that can be used to get you through the day. Finding a way to be as in love with life as possible, moment by moment.

I really don't mean that you need to be a walking romantic novel, hugging and kissing everyone that crosses your path. I don't even think that being this loving at all times is actually fully sustainable.

What I am inviting you to do is to reflect on your day and see if there is a little more love that you can stuff in there.

You and I both know that the world can really use it!!


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