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Healing from Childhood Trauma: My Journey to an Enriched Life

I survived and thrived!!!

I was an innocent child full of promise and potential, but like many of us, I was plagued with having to experience more obstacles than I should have.

Because of this, I had to grow up fast and had more responsibility than I could handle; adult topics that I had no business knowing about at that age.

Based on being exposed to such serious topics from such a young age, I missed out on having a “normal” childhood. A childhood where I would have the opportunity to develop certain skills that would serve me well as I matured.

This is not so bad except that I missed out on some basic things. I got really good at surviving and making the best of a bad situation, but I got behind on learning how to enjoy the good times, feeling appreciation and learning how to relax and be in the moment.

I always felt like the next disaster was right around the corner.

Finally, In the summer of 2013, I had an experience that forever changed my perspective on life. I won’t go into details here, but Let’s just say I figured out how to get back what I missed out on so many years ago. What happened to me wasn’t my fault, but it was my responsibility to figure out how to heal from those early scars.

Now my mission is to provide people with the hope, belief, and confidence that it is possible to live a happier, more fulfilled, and enriched life at any time, regardless of their story or background.

​Some of the benefits include:

  • Defining, choosing, and living based on your most important values.

  • Making the difficult decisions about how you really want to live your life.

  • Increase your ability to appreciate the small, important moments.

  • Taking courageous steps in the direction of your dreams.

  • Learning to clearly communicate your feelings and expectations.

  • Cleansing my life of unhealthy, toxic relationships.

  • Creating a clear and honest description of who you truly are.

  • Overcoming past hurts, fears, and trauma.

  • Creating a clear picture of what you want your life to represent.

  • Making sure that you don’t leave this planet full of regret.

I figured out what areas need to be developed in order to get what I had always been searching for and deserved. Once you work on them, they can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Even if you’ve been trying for years without getting the desired results.

I found a way to heal and thrive and you can too!!!

Sign up today and begin your journey to living a more fulfilled and enriched life!


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