Re-Post: Lessons from a Pizza Box

"This blog post was originally written by me on Thu, Sep 17, 2009. I have made slight changes to the post in order to provide a proper update but the essence is the same. Enjoy "


The other day I ordered a Pizza from Papa John’s (weak moment, don’t judge).

Anyway, as I was happily feasting on my 1/2 extra cheese 1/2 pepperoni, I began to read the box for whatever reason and read a quote that I found quite interesting. If memory serves me right, the quote was “What would you give up to fulfill your dreams”?

"Not Papa John's"
This was not the binge mentioned in the article.

I am sure this had something to do with the founder John Schnatter selling his prized 1971 Z28 Camaro in order to purchase equipment in order to start up his first pizza shop.

I thought to myself, this is a pretty insightful question to be reading on a pizza box in the middle of a pig-out but c'est la vie. This got me thinking about my dreams and asking myself if I had sacrificed enough to have my dreams come true. I asked myself if these two things were inextricably linked. What would I have to give up for my dreams to come true?

I will now ask you the same thing. What can you say that you have really “given up” for your dreams? Or better yet, what is it that you can benefit from giving up in order to "make" your dreams come true?

John sold his most prized possession at the time, he rolled the dice on something he really wanted and won.

Have you rolled the dice on yourself in order to make your dreams come true? Do you have a dream worthy of giving up your prized possession?

Many people go through life pursuing a lifestyle but never truly pursuing their dreams.

You don't have to become completely sacrificial but some level of sacrifice can add to the pride you feel when you achieve something you really set out to achieve.

Sometimes the only way to reach the next branch, is to let go of the one you're currently holding.

I hear from people, on a daily basis who would "like to do this" or would "like to achieve that" but are not taking steps real steps, the serious steps to move in that direction; to get what they say they would like to have.

Sacrificing something that you love in order to invest in your future based on an idea or dream you have takes tons of courage. No one ever said pursuing your wildest dreams would be easy but I for one trust that it will all be worth it in the end.

Go pursue your dream starting today. Give up something to obtain something greater.

Best Wishes!

"I hope you enjoyed looking at my thoughts from over ten years ago. Much of this is still true to this day. What would you sacrifice to achieve your dreams?" I just figured it out, maybe I should give up pizza!

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