My Enriched Life Releases Updated Schedule


Join us for our free weekly Zoom meeting to get your dose of ideas, conversations and lessons for living a more fulfilled and enriched life. Find joy, improve relationships and tap into your passions by connecting with others sharing their stories and ideas about living with passion and purpose. NOTE: This is not a therapy group but a support/discussion group.

Thursdays at 7:00 PM EST



MOTIVATION How much do you have? Where can you find more?

02/18/2021 COMMUNICATION How do you use communication to improve relationships with others...and yourself?

02/25/2021 LIFE PURPOSE AND PASSION What is it that still gets your tail wagging?

03/04/2021 RELATIONSHIPS/SUPPORT SYSTEM How are your relationships helping or hurting your life enrichment plan? 03/11/2021 DEALING WITH LIFE TRANSITIONS Are you ready for change? 03/18/2021 GOAL ACHIEVEMENT We are goal-achieving creatures. Have you reviewed your life goals lately?

Please note:

Schedule subject to change. Please arrive on time, group is locked 15 minutes after start time.

Find the link to free zoom meetings at

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