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There is no doubt that there are more and more people interested in listening and learning through the use of podcasts. The number of podcasts and podcast listeners has grown exponentially over the last few years. The ease at which you can obtain information and updates about your favorite topics has never been easier.

"These days, there is so much need for people to find places to consume positive, life-affirming messages. This can serve as a balance to the steady diet of negative, sensationalist, or even divisive information we receive on a regular basis. Maybe even more importantly it can serve as a beacon of light in a world where we are being exposed to an increasing amount of harsh realities", says Jose Caraballo, LCSW, the creator of

"With this being said, we have decided to join the podcast movement by introducing the

"My Enriched Life Podcast!"

This podcast will provide people with messages of hope and ideas for living a more fulfilled and enriched life. Mr. Caraballo says that the podcast will be a great addition to the existing free services provided through the website such as weekly support groups, membership area, daily positive and thought provoking messages through social media sites. Maybe more importantly, the podcast will give listeners an opportunity to hear Mr. Caraballo speak of his experiences and ideas, in his own voice and how it led him to live an enriched life.

The podcast is available on many of the popular platforms and continues to grow daily.

You can view the public site here

You can also listen to the first episode by clicking on the player below.

"I hope you enjoy sharing my journey to an enriched life, I invite you to join me by enriching

your own".

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