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Navigating Life's Ups and Downs: How to Embrace and Work with Your Lulls

We all have those days or weeks where we feel off, unmotivated or flat-out over it. The question is what do you do when you feel like this? There are many ways to approach these inevitable downs in life. Do you get angry at yourself, criticize yourself, use a pep talk, ignore it, push through it, talk it out, give in to it, let it flow through you? I've been going through one of these ruts recently. I keep catching myself saying "I feel not quite right" and it has stuck with me for about two weeks at this point. It happens on occasion where I find that I need a little more sleep than usual, am not as happy-go-lucky as usual, I get more focused on some things but unfocused on others.

It's all part of this big thing we call life. We ebb, we flow, we move on! I used to hate and I mean HATE feeling less than full throttle productive at any time. It made me uneasy, I felt like the world was going to pass me by, I felt like I would get stuck in this rut and never come out.

Basically, the way I used to deal with the regular ups and downs of life was impractical and made the ups and downs that much more painful. I have gotten to a place in my life where I have learned to work with it, flow with it. I no longer see it as unmotivated or feeling off. I like to think of these times as "differently motivated". Where I was once motivated to be productive or creative, I am now motivated to do something else like rest and restore. Still productive...but different!

This new approach has freed me from much of my past self-judgement and self-criticism. As I like to say (and teach), "everything is leverageable" and this is no exception. How are you making the best out of your lulls in life? What is your process when you feel not quite up to snuff? Do you have an established process that works more times than not? This story reminds me of the idea that we have to fight and get creative and push and shove our way to living the lives that we feel is best for us.

Many times, it does not come easy.


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