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One Item a Day…At Least

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

With so many roles that we tend to play in this day and age, it seems increasingly difficult to find the time to work on our short-term and long term goals simultaneously.

It seems more and more like we end up working on what we HAVE TO instead on what we WANT TO work on.

If you are a person that is the least bit ambitious, you have probably asked yourself the following questions;

When can I get away and really begin to work on that dream project of mine?

When will I have time to start building that business I have been dreaming about?

The answer of course, is always easier than we think but not as easy to do.

The simple idea that life is a journey and not a destination should tell you that you have the opportunity to lay down the foundation brick-by-brick, day-by-day if that is all you can put into it.

I don't recall anyone ever saying that if you had a dream you had to reach it as soon as possible.

It may feel like you want to achieve your dreams as soon as possible but there is a road you have to travel and that road is available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Since I am usually pressed for time, I try to find any spot in the day (or night) where I can take at least one step in the right direction. This keeps me feeling engaged and involved with my overall goals.

In this case, this truly is, “one small step for man”, and it may possibly (or hopefully) be “one giant leap for mankind”.

The idea for this stems from the thought that any worthwhile goal is going to require many actions to be completed. If this is truly the case then why not start with what you have and from where you are, right now.

Chances are there will never be that “perfect time” to get started. Life just does not work that way in most cases.

You have to find a way!

You have to make things happen one way or another and taking at least one step daily is a very good way to make them happen.

When I say take one step daily, I mean daily.

Not only on the weekdays, not only when we feel good, not even when we think we have the time.

I mean one step daily regardless of the size of the step.

If we practice taking one step a day we will be at least 300 something days closer to our goals every year (taking a few days off for holidays or emergencies).

Which do you think will get you closer to your goals?

Taking one step daily until you arrive?


waiting for that time where life is so quiet that we can finally get in the groove of things and work on a worthwhile goal?

How long have you been waiting for your life to quiet down?

With this one item a day formula at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something to get you closer to achieving your goals and who knows, you may be able to graduate to two items a day at some point.

If nothing else, this keeps you in touch with your goals, dreams and desires on a daily basis which can make for a more fulfilled daily experience than having the frustration of knowing that there is something that you want to do but cannot find the time to do it in.

This also builds that daily habit of making some progress regardless of what's happening around you.

I know there may be some super-achievers out here pulling their hair out saying,

“NO!! you have to work on your goals at least two hours a day!”

My point is that not everyone can allocate that much time to anything, let alone a dream or goal that is somewhat out there in the future.

At least this way you can begin working on your goals in a steady consistent manner and if the day ever comes that you do have the time to invest half of your day into your dreams, then by all means!!!

Feel free to let me know what you think of this idea. You can agree or disagree it’s all fine with me, just let me know and we can start a dialogue about it.


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