Re-Post: Carve Out Your Duck

Updated: Jan 17

I am re-posting a somewhat updated version of a blog post I wrote in 2010. I have repurposed it to be more "enriched life" oriented.

Originally written on Wed, Nov 17, 2010

Don't get thrown off by the title, this is not a post about something sick or inappropriate towards ducks. It’s something I thought about the other day (in 2010) while I was having a conversation with someone that was just starting to blog as well.

They were talking about how they did not know which way to go with their blog, what to talk about, if they should cover more than one subject or not.

All valid questions and concerns. This made me think about the crossroads I was approaching at the time. I was right in the middle of the trying to make major changes to my life and debating which ones and whether I should or not.

So right then I had a picture in my mind of a Log cabin out in the woods with a person sitting on the porch with a piece of wood. I saw the person taking the piece of wood (a plain, round tree branch) and carving it out into a beautiful wooden duck.

You would never have thought that something so detailed would come from a plain piece of wood.

So how does this person carve out a beautiful object from a plain ol' log?

Well, there has to be a level of focus, determination, skill, patience (a lot) and the most important of all, I think that the person actually sits there and gets to work on it!

Little by little the piece of wood gets closer and closer to what the end result will be.

This is very similar to us who are beginning on the journey to living more purposeful, enriched lives.

So here are a few tips we can take from our friends the wood carver!

Start carving! You have to start in order to get a feel for things. Start hacking at the piece of wood and sooner or later it WILL begin to take shape.

Use your skills (or passion) to begin directing your life to where you want it to go. What is most important to you? What do you like talking about? What do you have a specific or unique viewpoint about? What topic is it that gets your blood pumping? Or as I like to say...

Be patient: I didn't think I would be able to sit there, take a piece of wood and carve something artistic out of it. I probably would have chucked it at something (or someone) if after about 30 minutes I didn't have a model of the Taj Mahal.

Carving out something worthwhile in your life takes time. Be patient and it will start to take shape at some point. The secret here is that the steps have to be taken whether you are seeing results or not!

Much of what my life is now, I had no earthly idea, much less belief, would be possible today. The steps I continued to take, unbeknownst to me, continued to add up until something happened. Something amazing happened. It would not have been possible though if I hadn't continued to carve out my duck over time.

So remember to keep carving and carving.

Good luck with your duck!