Repost: What Farmville Taught Me About Business

Originally posted on Fri, Dec 18, 2009 (updated for increasing relevance)

Ok, I admit it!

I do partake in the guilty pleasure that is Farmville. I was basically forced to do so by some of my friends and colleagues. “Join, join I need neighbors” they would tell me. “It’s so fun with the little person and the cows and ducks and such”.

I must have turned down 25 people before I caved.

I saw the link on my Facebook profile and my hand just started to move the mouse over the link and CLICK, I was there.

I don’t know if it was peer pressure or plain curiosity but once I started, I could not…would not stop.

Once I started to play err… work on the farm, I started to notice something that was actually quite interesting.

I noticed that this was a place where everyone WANTED to work together. Where one neighbors were happy to help neighbors without asking for anything in return.

I began thinking to myself, “If more people followed these simple rules based on Farmville, everyone’s business would be that much better.

Let me share some examples:

Farmville: Invite all your friends and friends of friends to join.

Real Life: Tell everyone that you are in business and have them tell everyone.

Farmville: Work hard on your farm plowing, planting and sowing.

Real Life: Work hard on your business day in and day out.

Farmville: Fertilize crops so they could grow bigger better and stronger.

Real Life: Invest in yourself and your knowledge which will help you improve your business.

Farmville: Gifts that can improve the farm or increase revenues are sent between neighbors.

Real Life: Leads, advice, or coaching are provided between people in order to increase business.

Farmville: Announce your accomplishments to everyone around you.

Real Life: Announce about your accomplishments and send them to everyone.

Farmville: Visit neighbors and help them with their farms while you gain experience and money.

Real Life: Become a mentor to someone and gain experience in your field while increasing business.

Farmville: Once you gain enough experience and have the money, you can expand your farm.

Real Life: Once you have enough experience and have the money, you can expand your business, not before.

As you can plainly see, if you follow these simple Farmville rules, you will be on your way to a big, beautiful, productive farm…I mean business.

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(Now that I read this post out loud, I see how amazingly cheesy it was at the time and now. Just because it's cheesy does not mean I'm wrong. Happy Farming!!!)


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