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Insights and strategies for personal growth.  Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. Find your passion and create better relationships.

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Life Enrichment Masterclass

Our online courses provide important strategies for a better quality of life. Don't miss out on Jose's teachings, guidance, and unique perspectives to accelerate your journey to a happier and fulfilled life.

Setting the Stage For Living An Enriched Life

This is an introduction to Module 7 of The Life Enrichment Learning Series an 8-module transformational learning series about creating and living out a more fulfilled and enriched life.

Like a well produced Broadway play, we are also able to set the stage in our own lives.

There are elements in our lives in which we are in complete control of. These elements can be molded and directed in such a way that allows for more of what you want in life and less of what you do not.

Believe it or not, we are able to influence our current surroundings to be more suited to our needs, wants and desires.

Setting the stage for living an enriched life

If you've ever seen the play Miss Saigon, (spoiler alert) you know that at some point during the show they are able to take us through a scene with a helicopter...A HELICOPTER!!

I remember when I saw this play it was in a smaller type theatre and I had heard about the helicopter scene, In no way, shape or form did I believe that they would be able to pull this off in this little theatre. Boy was I wrong.

There are many things that we can do to make our daily lives seem and feel more in line with what we want out of life.

In this module we cover topics such as:

  • How to improve your ongoing mindset

  • The power that belief plays in setting the proper stage

  • How to change your physical environment to your favor

  • The different types of environment that we can actually control

  • What it is to press the Reset button on your life

  • How to handle your enriched life like a CEO

There are many people who like to shout from the top of mountains that your environment should never affect you in any way. That you have to be strong and be able to not let it bother you.

I believe there is some merit to that but I do not think it is as simple as that.

I once wrote a quote and it went like this, "Still think your environment can't affect you? Try having a conversation with a fish out of water".

Truth is, your environment is a big part of what can constitute an enriched and happy life.

Here are some of the techniques we discuss in this module:

  • Identifying energizing vs. sapping environments

  • What is the price of a quality environment

  • Some of the main obstacle that hold us back from improving our environments

  • How using techniques of the most famous detectives can help us improve our lives

  • How you can use what you already know to create your ideal environment

This reminds me of when I move to Florida from New Jersey. I remember having that feeling that things were going to be different. There I had a new opportunity to have things go right for me. I remember that a big part of that was that Where I was from was mostly gray tones and brick and landing in Florida provided me with appealing pastels and clear weather.

There is a way to have this feeling while staying exactly where you are. You don't have to move to another state to change your "state".

change your environment, change your life

Are you looking for major life changes? make sure and sign up for our Life Enrichment Learning Series and find the change and fulfillment you have been looking for. Still having doubts, see what other people are saying in our testimonials page

Have some more questions about your personal growth journey? Feel free to become a member (it's free) and ask any questions you may have. Anyways, always remember to...


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