Tale of a T-shirt (Part 1)

After my life-altering event in 2013, as you know I spent the next few years in deep introspection and thought about my life and the world around me.

I don't mean to sound overly dramatic about it but that time in my life did bring with it many gifts. Among them were many ideas about communicating my message with the world about the possibility of change and the major impact that such a change can have on your overall outlook on life.

Another gift that I was provided with at that time and since was what a professor of mine in college called "an explosion of creativity". He told me his story about how he at some time after his 60's began to write multiple books that ended up having a pretty decent following.

Surprising enough it was that he began to write in his 60's. At that time and to me that was unheard of. It was the phrase "explosion of creativity" that stuck. I found that phrase so interesting and promising.

I felt like even if you had not done anything specifically creative during your lifetime or considered yourself an artist, you could actually create something in your life of interest at whatever age. Needless to say, I found it interesting more tan likely because the phrase provided me with hope that my life could also go through a change that would move me towards creating and sharing my ideas with others.

Alas! Here I am sharing the story of the first T-Shirt I ever created.

I remember having a discussion (and even some ideas) about creating t-shirts with a friend of mine many years ago. That conversation was humorous and with no real plan or even belief that something like that could ever happen.

Once I thought about creating T-shirts from my social media inspirational posts, I was nervous and afraid (not a stretch for me with new projects) but I continued because I felt like the messaging would at least be of a positive nature and I thought that the world could benefit from more positive messaging.

Each of the products from the My Enriched Life inventory has a story behind it. An idea representing the resilience of people and the power of change. At least that's what I'm shooting for.

This specific t-shirt represents being resilient in the face of anger and toxicity. A topic I know very well and an experience I have had to endure and overcome at various points in my life.

Like anyone, I have my moments, but I take pride in the fact that despite some people's best efforts, I have not been embittered by their attempts to take away by happiness, kindness and happy go-luckiness.

I try to fit each of the products from My Enriched Life into this type of messaging and I hope I have done a good job up to this point.

Visit the store at: https://my-enriched-life.creator-spring.com/

and let me know if you agree that my messaging is as I intended.

Do you feel inspired? Do you feel glimpses of hope? Does the messaging make you feel good?

If so, feel free to pick purchase a T-shirt or a mug before you leave. I will continue to add products little by little and continue to expand my inventory of inspirational products. HA!!!, If my professor could see me now!!!

Thanks for reading and feel free to send me a message with your thoughts.

Don't forget to...


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