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The Breach of Trust: How Narcissistic People Use Trust to Exploit You

Narcissistic individuals often possess a unique ability to gain the trust of those around them. They exude charm, charisma, and confidence, which can be incredibly attractive to others.

However, their intentions are often self-serving, and they use trust as a tool to manipulate and take advantage of those who believe in them.

These individuals are skilled at using trust to their advantage. They may build a rapport with others by feigning interest in their lives, offering help or support, or providing a sense of security. However, these actions are often only a means to an end.

One way that narcissistic individuals use trust to their advantage is by creating a sense of dependency in others. They may offer their assistance or advice freely, but with hidden strings attached. They may use this sense of dependency to manipulate others into doing their bidding or to extract resources or favors from them.

Another way that narcissistic individuals use trust is by playing on others' vulnerabilities. They may exploit insecurities, fears, or emotional pain to create a bond with their victims. Once they have gained their trust, they may use this information against them or use it to manipulate them further.

They may also use trust to isolate their victims from others. They may convince their victims that they are the only ones who understand them or have their best interests at heart. By doing so, they can control their victims' access to information, support, or resources.

Narcissistic individuals are adept at using trust to their advantage. They may appear charming, confident, and trustworthy, but their intentions are often self-serving. It is essential to be aware of these manipulative tactics and to remain vigilant in our interactions with others. By doing so, we can protect ourselves from those who seek to take advantage of us.

Unfortunately, for many of us, we often get good at identifying these traits only after we have been duped. Stay vigilant, stay alert. I don't say that they are all bad, but if you have the misfortune of falling prey to one of these people, they will more than likely have a seriously detrimental effect on you.

Have you had experiences with these types of individuals? Tell us about it.


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