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The Concept of “Get Good”

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

I can recall many years ago when I was at the beginning of my career in finance. I was a newbie that wanted to take over the world with plans of becoming a gajillionaire.

I remember that in one of my first orientation/trainings the speaker began to speak about the various mathematical formulas we needed to learn in order to be proficient in the profession.

I can recall getting that ever so familiar feeling that began at some point during high school. It was my pal math anxiety rearing its ugly head.

The speaker must have seen a certain look on my face because I remember him clearly stating, as if directly to me, “if you aren’t good at math, GET GOOD!”

I remember being a little shocked and somewhat stuck because any excuse I would have had at that moment was completely neutralized by his instruction.

If I simply “got good”, I had nothing further to worry about, no excuses to pull.

I have taken this lesson to many other areas in my life. Now if I want to achieve a goal and those old fears and doubts begin to bubble, I simply think “get good” and I lose my excuses and doubts and simply get to work.

There is no shorter path to either getting what you want or getting out of your own way that to put in the work and figuring it out one way or another. All the doubts, excuses and reasons you may have go by the wayside if you simply make it your mission to GET GOOD.

You may get really good, you may get a little better, you may eventually be great. Either way, I think this is the quickest way to find out and any other way is simply a waste of your precious time.

Remember this when you are thinking about how to enrich your life in areas that you have never attempted.

All you have to do is “Get Good”.

Pass this along to someone who could benefit, and I am sure there are many...


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