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The Importance of Creating a Proper Life Story

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

This is an introduction to Module 3 of The Life Enrichment Learning Series an 8-module transformational learning series about creating and living out a more fulfilled and enriched life.

How to change your personal narrative in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Did you know that how you view your personal life story can strongly influence your levels of overall happiness?

If I would ask you what the theme of your life was, what would you answer? Would you share a story filled with pain and suffering? Would your theme be one of resilience and overcoming? What feelings would your life story evoke?

The answers to some of these questions can alert you to the type of "lens" you are using to view your life.

The Importance of Creating a Proper Life Story
Your personal story can affect your levels of happiness

I came up with this idea when completing an assignment during graduate school where I had to interview a few people about their personal life stories. I quickly noticed that each person I interviewed had a very specific emotional response to their overall life story. Some interviewees seemed immediately proud to share their personal stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges. While others looked down right away and began to discuss stories of shame and regret.

All of this was very telling as most of the interviewees were family members of mine. I began to notice that how they viewed their personal life stories made a major impact on how they lived their daily lives.

Is the perspective you are currently using holding you back from living a happier and more fulfilled life?

In this module, we cover topics such as:

  • How to change your overall perspective about your life in order to feel better

  • How updating your personal story can help you feel happier and more empowered

  • How changing your "lens" can help you see things in a different, better, brighter light

  • Lessons we can learn from news reporters

  • How math can help us improve our lives (yes I said it, MATH)

  • What Bruce Lee can teach us about personal growth

Watch my little explanation about this life-changing module

Some of the benefits of this module include:

  • How to change your personal life story without lying to yourself or anyone else

  • Using negative life experiences for positive change

  • Free yourself of the old, rigid, painful story you continue to tell yourself

  • Create a newfound relationship with a sense of peace with your past

There are many more benefits to revisiting and reviewing your personal life lens but I'll leave here for right now.

Are you looking for major life changes? make sure and sign up for our Life Enrichment Learning Series and find the change and fulfillment you have been looking for. Still having doubts, see what other people are saying in our testimonials page

Have some more questions about your personal growth journey? Feel free to become a member (it's free) and ask any questions you may have. Anyways, always remember to...


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