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The Power of The "Next Step” in Goal Achievement

If you are able to look into a project closely enough. You can always break it all down to a point where you can answer the question, What is the logical next step?

Ideas are usually the beginning point of any project or goal. There are far too many time where project become stuck in the idea stage and never begin to gain traction.

This is where the power of the next step comes into play.

I used to attend meetings for a local organization and after attending a few of these meetings I began to notice that there were a lot of ideas being thrown around each week but not much in the area of implementation.

Now I have to say that I am a big ideas guy. I love the feeling of brainstorming and coming up with ideas and possibilities about things that can come to fruition. It's an inspiring thing to me to get those creative juices flowing and being allowed to dream something into reality.

I also am fully aware that ideas are absolutely nothing without some kind of action behind them. NOTHING!

This is what began to make these meetings feel tedious and somewhat frustrating. It felt like people were just meeting in order to see who could come up with the most ideas but that's where it would usually end. No plan, no execution, just empty ideas floating in the air. Many time this is what gets passed as a productive meeting.

Have you ever been present in one of these meetings? It feels like there are many wheels beginning to turn only to go to the next meeting and have the same exact feeling without any actual progress on the ideas.

I spent about a year in this environment before I finally bought into the idea that maybe nothing was really ever going to happen. At least not at the pace that I would have liked to see.

Many of us have ideas that we would like to put into action and many of us get stuck in this stage of goal achievement. If I'm being perfectly honest, having some level of "stuckness" while you are working on achieving your lofty goals is a natural thing.

If you find yourself constantly getting stuck or continuously getting stuck in the idea stage of goals-setting, You may want to take a closed look at your process.

Right about at this point is where I began using the concept of the next step.

This became a very useful technique for me over time and helped get over a lot of hesitation, confusion and general fears I had about how to accomplish my life goals.

If you have read up on anything to do with goal-setting or goal-achievement, you have undoubtedly run into the idea of breaking down your goals into smaller, even bite-sized pieces in order to make your goals easier to digest and accomplish.

Motivational speaker and real estate training guru Tom Hopkins has a technique he calls "breaking it down to the ridiculous".

This is something that works ridiculously well to get a project up and running.

(pun intended)

Once you know what your goal is, ask yourself the question, "What is the ONE logical next step to get this moving in the right direction?"

These tiny steps may sometimes feel ridiculous but let me tell you that they can be very effective in getting the ball rolling in your favor. That one next step could be a simple phone call, text, email, writing something down, or creating a blog post. It can even take the form of making a decision.

This is much better than talking in circles for a year telling everyone all of the things you have "planned".

Action will always trump ideas when it come to getting things into motion. I will even go one step further...taking action can many times inspire you to have more (and sometimes) better ideas.

Now tell me that this is not a great case for, as World famous life and business strategist Tony Robbins says, "taking massive action".

There is power in great ideas. There can be even more power in taking massive action on your goals TODAY and figuring it out as you go. You can't always have all the answers but you can always begin to work towards a goal and see what happens.

What is the next logical step you can take to day to begin living you enriched life?

Let's do this!!!

and always remember to...


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