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The "Task Master” Approach to Achieving Goals

There are many different approaches to achieving your goals. Some approaches come naturally to us while others need more training and practice in order to become competent. Still other approaches just don't fit us well and simply leave use feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

In this series of article discussing many different personal approaches to achieving one's goals, we will identify and explain how each style can be used and optimized. It will be your job to see which of these styles most speaks to you and hw you may be able to leverage this style to become much more productive in your daily life. As always, should you need assistance or further clarification on these issues, feel free to reach out.

The task master approach is one of the styles of goals achievement that fully understands that “ the devil is in the details”.

The person who rates high on this style allows for the work to do all the talking, so to speak.

They tend to carry a the belief that the hard work will pay off eventually in the form of goal- achievement. Besides, what else is goal completion than just a continuing accomplishment of smaller goals over time.

As long as you continue completing, you should continue achieving!!!

The person who uses this style has very strong habits and work ethic. These habits can help keep things moving forward at a good pace.

One caveat of the task master style is that sometimes the person may get so caught up in competing tasks, that they take they eyes off of the prize.

These individuals are at risk of either missing the goal completely or ending up somewhere they rather not be.

When the focus is completely on the daily tasks without enough planning or reviewing progress towards the overall goal, one runs the risk of “missing the mark” and then feeling as if they “did all that work for nothing”.

Properly harnessed, this style is a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to take a step back every once in a while to see how far you've come and in which direction you are actually headed.

What is your personal goal-achieving style? What are your favorite techniques and strategies for getting things done?

Let us know in the comments, we always like to learn more strategies.


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