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Top Reasons I Quit Social Media

I quit for a few months and am now extremely limited to how long and who I connect with on social media. I have made it a point to make social media work for my needs and goals and not completely consume my time and energy.

If you've felt something similar over these years of social media burnout, this blog post is for you.

There is no denying that social media has become an integral part of our lives. It is a platform that can connect us with our friends and family, can help us stay up-to-date with the latest news, and provide us with a space to share our thoughts and ideas.

However, after years of being an active social media user, I recently made the decision to quit. Here are my top reasons why I quit social media (for a few months at least).

  • Too much repetition

Same stories, same complaints, same questions. I got to a point where I simply kept reading the same conversations over and over.

  • Politics

Enough said. Specifically political arguments with each side calling the other side names, telling them to become educated, do their research, etc.

  • Adult adolescents

So many people stating how they would knock someone out. how they would never allow being disrespected, how they are the strongest and fastest,etc.

  • Instigating and Antangonizing

Constant videos of people looking for trouble and then reporting people for responding to being antagonized. Here's a little tip...if you poke the bear sometimes the bear is going to react. (But I get it, it gets views)

  • Cynics

Endless amounts of people telling others how nobody cares about them, that nothing matters, that we're all going to die anyway so why ever try. I never understood how someone who thinks that nothing matters can spend so much time and energy letting others know.

  • Ads Ads Ads

Honestly I am a little insulted as to what the social media algorithms think about me based on the ads that come up on my feed.

  • So many posts constantly telling me that I'm doing someting wrong

And of course, they are the only ones who know how to do it right. Or that they know the big secret that (insert business or agency here) "they don't want you to know".

  • You are either with us or against us mentality

I'm sure you've seen it, the type of media that tells you that If you aren't dedicating your life to eradicating (insert chosen topic here) you are a bad bad person.

These are my personal peeves with social media at the time I decided to leave altogether. The following is a more general list of reasons why you might want to rethink your exposure.

I have since deleted all of my social media accounts and rebuilt them in a new and helpful way. It is filled with information about things that can improve my life, learn something new, or help me become more productive. I have cut out most of the needless stuff and almost all of the negativity and I have to say that my experience with social media at this point is minimal and much more enjoyable.

  • Time Wasting

Social media can be incredibly time-consuming. I found myself constantly scrolling through my newsfeed, wasting hours on end. I realized that I was spending more time on social media than doing productive things, like reading a book or learning a new skill.

  • Social Comparison

Social media can create a feeling of constant comparison to others. I found myself constantly comparing my life to the lives of others, which negatively impacted my self-esteem.

  • Cyberbullying

Social media can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying. I witnessed many instances of people being bullied online, and it made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

  • Addiction

Social media can be addictive, and I found myself becoming dependent on it. I felt like I needed to check my accounts constantly and would feel anxious when I couldn't.

  • Way too much personal exposure

Social media can compromise your privacy. I became increasingly concerned about how my personal information was being used and who had access to it.

  • FOMO

Social media can create a sense of fear of missing out (FOMO). I felt like I was missing out on things if I wasn't constantly checking my accounts, which was exhausting.

  • Information Overload

Social media can be overwhelming. I found myself bombarded with information, which made it difficult to focus on anything else.

  • Negative Influences

Social media can be a breeding ground for negativity. I found myself being exposed to negative and toxic content that was impacting my mental health.

  • Shallow Relationships

Social media can create a false sense of connection. I realized that many of my social media connections were shallow, and I was not actually building meaningful relationships.

  • Productivity

Social media can be a major productivity killer. I found myself getting distracted by social media when I should have been working or studying.

I feel as if what was meant to be social media turned into agenda media.

There is a way to use social media for your personal purposes but you have to become very focused and intentional about your goals. If not, beware of what comes your way.

Quitting social media has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has helped me to be more present, productive, and focused. While social media can have its benefits, it is important to be aware of the negative impacts it can have on our lives. Sometimes one just needs a break. If you are considering quitting social media, I encourage you to do so at least for a little while and see how it impacts your life.

Let me know how it goes.


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