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Transforming Relationships: The Power of Purposeful Communication

One of the first signs I noticed when I began my journey to an enriched life was how impactful changing my communication was in my relationships. The people around me began to change. They seemed more appreciative, were open to the things I had to say, I felt like they were actually listening. This was a far cry from that familiar feeling that people listen simply to respond or even worse, disagree.

Purposefully changing (I mean improving) my communication was the beginning of me being able to see and then believe that some things were within my control to change. Up to that point, I had been convinced that any responses I gave were the RIGHT ones.

I began testing this theory, trying out different ways to communicate. Actually, let's call it different way to connect (which is what I was actually trying to achieve).

I began to share my positive, unspoken feelings about my friends and family out loud and directly to them. Which is very different from assuming that they know how I felt about them.

I basically took many of my inner feeling and freely shared them with those around me. I did this with a specific focus on what I appreciated or how they made me feel.

This was a very different approach from the fun-loving, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek way of speaking that we were used to. Where we criticized and put each other down for sport. This is not unheard of in many relationships it can even be considered normal. Normal except when these patterns begin to entrench themselves and end up being the only way people communicate.

This is where things can get sticky.

I wanted something different, something that I saw as better. So I began with changing me. Changing my style of conversation and speaking in ways in which I also wanted to be spoken to.

Here is a little advice that helped me connect deeper with those around me. Give this a try and let me know how it works out.


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