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Were Some People Just Born To Sell?

This is a highly debated topic in the area of sales and business.

Some say that great salespeople are born, others say they are made.

Whichever side you take on this debate; I think we can all agree that everyone can hone their skills in order to reach a higher levels of effectiveness in their abilities.

Stereotypical Business Guy
Stereotypical Business Guy

So let me tell you about a colleague of mine who was trying to sell me on the idea of switching days off with her because it would be to my benefit.

This was a simple switcheroo of days off. By that I mean that I was originally taking Friday off and coming back on Monday and she was taking Monday off but would have to work on Friday.

Simple enough, right?

So she proceeds to ask me if I would switch with her because she had some plans that fit better if she would have Friday off instead of Monday.

She begins the sales pitch by pointing out that if I would agree, She would only have Friday off and have to come back to the office on Monday. (cue pain in the voice..."come back on Moouunnnddaaayy").

I was on board already by that time since it really didn't matter to me which day I took off as long as I actually had a day off.

I continued to listen to her pitch.

She continues to explain to me the benefits of accepting her offer and begins by saying, "and if you agree, you will be off on Saturdayyyy, Sundayyyyy, Mondayyyyy and finally come back on Tuesday.

I immediately began to laugh out loud at her attempt.

Let's see:

Scenario #1: Off on Friday and come back on Monday 🥺😒😒

Scenario #2: Off on Monday come back on Tuesday 😊😊😁

Both scenarios being one day off and the weekend.

My feelings about seeing such efforts go into attempting to create a distinction where there isn't one 😵‍💫🥴🤒

I of course, accepted the offer but not before we had a good laugh about her attempts.

You will just have to take my word for it, that she is a natural salesperson. I think anyone that feels like they have to go to such lengths to "sell" an idea would probably be just a natural at that kind of talk and way of expressing themselves.

The idea that I am trying to convey here is that we all have certain "natural" traits that land us as being a natural at one thing or another.

What is that one thing in which you are simply a natural?

That one thing that you are just good at without much thought or effort. That language that you tend to naturally speak.

This colleague of mine was very salesy through and through. It was simply her nature.

Greatness is already there
Greatness is already there

We all have a natural language

We all have a trait about us that we just ARE through and through

We all have natural traits that simply emanate from us whether we are trying or not.

These are the areas!!

These are the areas that are worth taking a deep look into.

These are the areas where we can begin to find opportunities to achieve at high levels.

These are the areas where we may find what can make us GREAT.

So are great (sales) people born? Made? or simply identified and harnessed?

I hope this makes you think a bit more about your personal greatness.


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